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Hypnotherapy can reduce the stress and anxiety around chronic pain. Relaxing can reduce the tension in the tissues and encourage natural healing.

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The fascinating thing about chronic pain is that it can be an activated nerve pathway interpreted by the brain as pain. Even though the original physical cause has reduced, the brain is still getting messages that something is not quite right and presses the alarm button. The biggest alarm reaction is pain. Pain is there to keep you safe. But what if the reaction is out of proportion to the stimulus? 

This is where hypnosis and other mind confusion techniques can help to break that pattern and force new neural pathways to develop that don't default to pain.

This knowledge has been around for thousands of years but only recently demonstrated. when doctors couldn't understand how an amputee could still feel pain and burning sensations in a limb that was no longer there. By retraining the brain with visual cues, the sensations were stopped. All it needed was a brain update.

The conscious mind was aware of the situation i.e. no leg etc, but the subconscious mind wasn't. Incredible!

I use a few different techniques to update and release these old thought pathways. 


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