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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S) Hypnotherapy Help

TDW - Hynotherapy Harrogate - Help with Irritable bowel syndrome.

Science is starting to catch up! recent studies have found that hypnotherapy can help reduce I.B.S symptoms for at least 5 years. The caveat being that around 25% of the subjects had little or no improvement so it is not suitable for all sufferers. But when you compare that to other medically recognised treatments, 75% is a significantly positive amount.

The cause of I.B.S is not exactly known by medical professionals but like many disorders it seems to have a genetic pre-disposition triggered by environmental factors. These are probably different for everyone but stress is a known component.

When understanding how the brain and nervous system work, it is no surprise that change in one affects the other. This can become a vicious cycle. Stress = cramps and discomfort, maybe diarrhoea or constipation = stress response = more gastric symptoms .... and so on. It may start slowly for ages and end up becoming a chronic condition.

Why is stress such a big factor? the stress response causes an increase in the production of cortisol! Cortisol is meant to be a short-term 'shot' to boost fight or flight and then get used up quickly. In modern life, stressors are rarely something physical we can punch or run away from, so the cortisol levels stay elevated. Unfortunately there is a big downside to cortisol, it causes inflammation. And most cortisol is produced in the gut. So the stress response system is producing toxic chemicals, that stress the system. The system can then become sensitised to the stress response. Needing less dramatic but nonetheless stressful events to trigger more cortisol. Some clients have described it as 'living on a knife edge'. The cramps and pain cause distress of their own. Add that to everyday stress and no wonder the gut has little time to relax and recuperate.

I also have my own theory that when food etc hasn't been fully processed in the area of the intestine it should be, it causes inflammation in the remaining parts by being too acidic and liquid for that stage. (this of course can happen with normal tummy upsets but there is time to heal between them, some people go for years without diarrhoea or constipation). When this happens a lot, the whole digestive system is under pressure.

So how can hypnotherapy help? Hypnotic relaxation can give the whole system a breather from stress. We tend to hold tension within our bodies, letting go of that sends the brain a signal to 'stand down' and reduce cortisol production. Hypnosis can use imagery to encourage tissue healing, release the muscle tension causing the cramps, keep the contents moving at the right pace or giving 'mind over matter' control of symptoms. One client imagined a big clamp around his abdomen pushing the pain out and keeping everything else in place. It was so effective he could go back to work.

Anxiety, worry and stressful events contribute to I.B.S. Hypnotherapy reduces anxiety and worry as well as actively encourages gut healing. And these results can last years. Combined with sensible eating it can change lives.

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