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What is special about the music used by hypnotherapists?

Music in Hypnotherapy TDW - Hypnotherapy Harrogate

Hypnotherapists like myself use music to soothe and relax our clients. I specialise in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety caused by all sorts of reasons. Anxiety causes a person to be uptight and have elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels, this has negative effects on not only the brain but the body too.

When the fight or flight response is over activated, the chemically caused sensations flood the whole system. Increasing focus on self-preservation and avoidance but decreasing awareness of other things. When this happens it is difficult for the person to hear and/or comprehend others properly. Music with special properties is therefore used to reduce this reaction. The music also helps to induce certain brain wave states that increase the effectiveness of subconscious suggestion.

The music is not just any old tune or tempo either. It is created for optimum effect.

Scientists found that when two notes with frequencies below 1500 Hertz and less than 40 Hertz difference between them are presented to different ears, the listeners brain creates the sound in-between itself. An auditory illusion. This is thought to cause slight confusion in the brain and can be used to affect cognitive processing. Certain brainwave states can be induced. Similar to the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state of mostly Delta waves. Or the Alpha state where learning is enhanced. Different frequencies affect consciousness, mood and mental states.

Just like drumming was used by ancient peoples to create a trance state, music with binaural beats is used today. Calming the brainwaves and inducing healing.

The music is best listened to with headphones on as the beats hit each ear at a slightly different time to produce the desired effects. Rather like how a movie works, the brain fills in the gaps but needs to operate in a certain way to do so.

Different frequencies are used to induce different brain waves.

The effects can be so powerful that anyone with a pacemaker SHOULD NOT listen to binaural beat music.

Monks have long known the effects of different tones on human relaxation and healing. The Gregorian monks discovered nine sounds that work together and their chanting is based on them. It is called Solfleggio and hypnotherapists use music based on these too.

Certain sounds resonate with us and change our mood and how our brains operate. Usually at a level we aren't fully aware of. Just like shops that play fast music to increase their sales, hypnotherapists use music to change behaviour. Only hypnotic music is used to slow down rather than speed up brainwaves.

Next time you listen to hypnotic music, see if you can feel the difference.

If you would like to experience a relaxing hypnotic audio for free then get in touch and we'll set it up for you. I think hypnotherapy benefits everyone and love demonstrating it, this is not a sales pitch, it is a genuine offer to anyone interested. So if you are intrigued, just send a message.

If you have and questions or would like information our hypnotherapy services call us on 01423 206218 TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

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