What you need to know about Online Therapy

  • You will need a comfortable chair, sofa or bed where you can't fall if you relax deeply

  • Most sessions are conducted over a secure Zoom video link but I use other platforms as well

  • Your device needs to be propped up or supported so I can see you

  • No distractions from people or pets

  • Blanket for warmth if needed

  • Glass of water in case you get thirsty

  • Visit the bathroom before session

  • Sessions can last up to 90 minutes

  • Your mobile phone nearby on vibrate in case the internet connection fails

  • You will receive a link (usually via email), please be on time for the session

  • Get ready for an amazing experience as online therapy can be better than in person!

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Depression can be caused by physiological as well as psychological factors. If you are feeling especially down everyday and have done so for more than two weeks, its time to contact your GP. If you are seriously thinking about taking your own life, talk to the Samaritans on 116 123, this is an anytime, toll free number. You are a unique and precious human being, even if you don't feel like you are worth much at the moment. With the right help you can get back on track and put this behind you. You are definitely worth it! Don't delay, phone today.


Modern life is stressful in a way we aren't equipped to deal with. We can't 'fight' off our work colleagues like we can predators in the wild, neither can we 'flight' or run away from that looming deadline/new baby/daily commute. Too much stress damages our bodies. So what can we do to lessen the effects?

Take 3 deep, cleansing breaths.

Imagine you are exhaling the pain/negativity.

Choose to remain calm.

Tell yourself you can handle the situation correctly.

View it as a learning opportunity.

Once the immediate situation is over:

Do some exercise and drink a glass of water.

Write down what happened on a piece of paper and take pleasure in ripping it up and throwing it in the bin. Learn from the experience and move on.

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Current research and thinking links addiction to trauma. This is not necessarily physical trauma but more likely to be early psychological trauma. The mind/body locks these memories away trying to protect the individual from being overwhelmed at the time. Addictions form to give some relief from this psychological pain. Merely stopping the addictive activity doesn't address the underlying cause, that is why there is a high rate of relapse. Hypnotherapy accesses the area of pain, bypassing the conscious mind, and allows the subconscious to let go of the emotional component thereby reframing how the memory is stored.


Family interaction teaches us most of what we know about how we behave. It is extremely important in the development of babies and children. Stability and a positive, nurturing environment is what we all hope for. But sometimes the reality is very different. Family members can contribute to a negative environment, often without even realising the damage this can inflict. Identifying unhelpful patterns can lead to change and a happier outlook.

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