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Dip Hyp

C.M.T (Complete Mind Therapist)
Master Level Hypnotherapist 
NLP & Somatic Release Practitioner
Hypnotherapy Teacher & Coach

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Hi, I'm Tracey De Wet, a psychotherapist, trainer and coach.

From young I seemed to be able to understand and empathise with people and their behaviour. This led to a lifelong fascination with psychology and a desire to help. However, I was frustrated with the approach as a whole. It was too clinical. The limitations of counselling resulted in people still struggling with the same issues. Just knowing about the problem and talking about it did not yield very positive or lasting results. Nowhere more apparent than when I was a relationship counsellor. Although I studied psychology extensively over the years that 'outside looking in' model didn't feel right or helpful.

On my journey I discovered the power of hypnosis. 

At last, here was a way I could help so much more effectively.

The solution to most of our issues lies within our own psyche and hypnotherapy facilitates that. My job is to help you access and change underlying thought patterns. the work is done on the inside. I find the process fascinating as no two people are the same and I'm passionate about my clients success.

My clients describe me as "easy to talk to", 'non-judgemental", "warm and welcoming", and that I know what I'm doing and actually help them.

I'll take that! as those qualities are exactly what I would look for in a therapist myself. After all, what is the point of just talking about a problem? you need a plan of action. So I developed programs for specific issues. Like anxiety, work stress, self-esteem, confidence, loss and childhood trauma etc.



  • You will need a comfortable chair, sofa or bed where you can't fall if you relax deeply

  • Most sessions are conducted over a secure Zoom video link but I use other platforms as well

  • Your device needs to be propped up or supported so I can see you (please do not hold it as it may fall or change position)

  • Make sure there are no distractions from people or pets

  • Have a blanket for warmth if needed

  • Keep a drink of water nearby in case you get thirsty (no glass if closer than 50 cm)

  • Visit the bathroom before the session

  • Be prepared for sessions to last up to 90 minutes

  • Your mobile phone should be nearby on vibrate in case the internet connection fails

  • You will receive a link around 5 - 10 minutes before start time (usually via email), please be on time for the session

  • Get ready for an amazing experience as online therapy can be better than in person!

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