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Losing someone, a beloved pet or a significant way of life can cause so much hurt it feels like physical pain. And it can linger. Getting in the way of moving forward. Hypnotherapy can reduce the anxiety and help with moving forward.

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The natural human grief cycle is thought to last around two years. After this time it is normal to feel some sadness at the loss of a significant person but not that debilitating kick-in-the-guts feeling or deep depression. If you are STILL STUCK, then it's time to get some help. The strong emotion has become attached to certain memories and these are TRAPPED in the reactive amygdala region of the brain. The emotion needs to be released so the memories can be stored in long-term memory, a different part of the brain. This will allow you to get on with life, which I'm sure your loved one would want for you. 

How do I help? During hypnosis we access those easily triggered memories and allow the brain to complete the processing of them. The same techniques that are used to overcome trauma. When the emotional component is felt and released, those memories will be able to be remembered without the strong feelings of loss and pain. Going forward, thinking of the loved one will be more positive.

If you are still stuck in the grief cycle and it has been more than two years then book your free chat with me now, there is no point in dragging this heavy burden any longer. 


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