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Welcome to the wonderful world of hypnotherapy. Different to other talking therapies because it focuses on subconscious change, not conscious. Did you know there are surgeons that perform brain surgery and amputations without anaesthetic, using only the power of hypnosis? I use it to help change lives. Working with me is easy, no matter where you are, online sessions get great results. If you want in-person sessions, these can be arranged too. I'm based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. (if you require international IN-PERSON visits all travel costs will be extra).

Fully confidential service, GHR registered,   TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

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That rising sense of fear, those shaky feelings, the sweating, the racing heart, the dry mouth, jaw clenching, the feeling like you've just been stabbed in the chest. And those are only the physical symptoms! The self-doubt, self-consciousness, brain fog, the confidence crisis, the crippling overwhelm, the catastrophic thinking, the anger, the ever-present critical inner voice. No wonder these symptoms set up the Negativity Spiral where it feels like your life has been hijacked and you're sinking to the bottom. Just trying to think positive has limited success, sometimes it even hurts to think. Whatever you've tried hasn't worked. Well don't let it get any worse. The sooner we work together the better. Lets get the relaxation started to give the over-stressed system a break. Then use subconscious techniques to process the underlying trapped emotions. Book a call with me today and see what I can do for you.

TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate



A time of transition, the brain is changing in size and structure as well as the body. The more basic brain structures have grown - the so-called grey matter, but the higher order thinking structures - the white matter - is still developing. So there is an imbalance between these different parts. Sometimes the thinking is mature and sometimes more childlike. There are also fluctuating hormone levels that affect mood and behaviour. It takes time for all this flux to settle, hence the teenage years being experienced as a difficult period by some.

Self-esteem can be negatively affected as physical changes occur, being overly self-critical is common. Hyper-sensitivty to others opinions and behaviours can alter how we see ourselves. Teasing is common as teens push the boundaries of politeness. Sexual awareness increases and brings new feelings to be dealt with, not easy when the part of the brain that controls impulses isn't totally functional yet.

How do I help teenagers? Well, we are all born with certain abilities and aptitudes. These may not be readily apparent during these times of change. By accessing them subconsciously we can encourage them. We can also release negative or unhelpful thinking patterns that were set up in childhood. Because the work is done with the subconscious it is not necessary to try and describe or understand the problem, something teenagers have difficulty verbalising anyway. This is not counselling. Whilst it is helpful for me to know what the struggle/s is/are, I do not need to be told all the intimate details. This reduces anxiety from the start and makes things easier.

Getting this kind of help at such a crucial time can have a big impact. Not getting the right help can lead to years of misery. Modern life is not particularly supportive of basic human connection and inclusion. This leaves teenagers at the mercy of fads and faulty information as parents feel more unsure of how to interact with them in effective ways.

If your teen is having a tough time PLEASE take it seriously and get them some help. TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


Understanding why you smoke is the key to stopping. It has very little to do with willpower,. In fact, if you are still smoking even though concerned others want you to stop and you know it is damaging the only body you have got, you actually have a lot of willpower to keep on doing it. Most people start smoking during their teens. It made them feel rebellious, grown-up, cool, part of the crowd. The teenage years are also characterised by immature cortexes in the brain, the part that calculates risk. So the perceived benefits outweighed the risks at the time. This is not true of mature cortical thinking. That is why very few people start smoking as adults and find it easier to stop if they do.

How do I help you to stop? First of all, you must have the desire to stop. Hypnosis does not make you do things you don't want to do so I can't force you against your wishes. I have a way of checking during the initial free call. If it is fine to proceed then during hypnosis your subconscious mind will reveal the underlying outdated thought pattern keeping the habit active. Nicotine is a lot less addictive than many people assume and the body can start healing within hours or days of stopping. Suggestions are made to the subconscious to change the dangerous habit to a less dangerous one. As the subconscious wants to do its job of keeping you safe, it should make the positive changes.

You are given some positive alternative suggestions and actions to use during times of cravings if they occur, this gets you through the period where nicotine levels are falling. This shouldn't take longer than about two weeks but depends on how heavily you have been smoking.  TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

Vaping works the same way.              


The natural human grief cycle is thought to last around two years. After this time it is normal to feel some sadness at the loss of a significant person but not that debilitating kick-in-the-guts feeling or deep depression. If you are STILL STUCK, then it's time to get some help. The strong emotion has become attached to certain memories and these are TRAPPED in the reactive amygdala region of the brain. The emotion needs to be released so the memories can be stored in long-term memory, a different part of the brain. This will allow you to get on with life, which I'm sure your loved one would want for you. 

How do I help? During hypnosis we access those easily triggered memories and allow the brain to complete the processing of them. The same techniques that are used to overcome trauma. When the emotional component is felt and released, those memories will be able to be remembered without the strong feelings of loss and pain. Going forward, thinking of the loved one will be more positive.

If you are still stuck in the grief cycle and it has been more than two years then book your free chat with me now, there is no point in dragging this heavy burden any longer. TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


The fascinating thing about chronic pain is that it can be an activated nerve pathway interpreted by the brain as pain. Even though the original physical cause has reduced, the brain is still getting messages that something is not quite right and presses the alarm button. The biggest alarm reaction is pain. Pain is there to keep you safe. But what if the reaction is out of proportion to the stimulus? 

This is where hypnosis and other mind confusion techniques can help to break that pattern and force new neural pathways to develop that don't default to pain.

This knowledge has been around for thousands of years but only recently demonstrated. when doctors couldn't understand how an amputee could still feel pain and burning sensations in a limb that was no longer there. By retraining the brain with visual cues, the sensations were stopped. All it needed was a brain update.

The conscious mind was aware of the situation i.e. no leg etc, but the subconscious mind wasn't. Incredible!

I use a few different techniques to update and release these old thought pathways. TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


Keeping to a healthy weight is not always easy. With the amount of high calorie food readily available it can become a tiring battle. Once you are over 4 kgs / 9 pounds above your ideal weight a self-defeating mindset can kick in. If you have tried many types of diet or are just fatigued and stuck in the 'I haven't made the right choices, I feel bad so I'll eat something to feel better' cycle then there is an emotional component that needs exploring. Hypnotherapy is proven to help. It has little to do with willpower. By unlocking the subconscious patterns driving the eating habits and resolving them, a more beneficial relationship with yourself, your size and your future develops. There is no diet to stick to so you can't fail. The 6 Week plan explores the past (why), changes the now (what), and affects the future (how). The 6 Week program is unlike any other meal/diet plan out there. It includes deep hypnotic sessions of self discovery where you find out what makes you tick, Audio tracks are provided to bolster confidence and install new behaviour patterns between personal sessions. Got a sweet tooth? cravings are crushed with effective techniques.You get a downloadable e-book full of suggestions, hints and tips to keep you on track going forward. There is also an option to undergo a realistic virtual gastric band operation under hypnosis. This approach has been featured in newspapers and reports as more and more people (including celebrities) are experiencing the benefits of this radical approach. TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


If your doctor has run all the tests and still has no explanation for your gastric discomfort and symptoms then I.B.S may be the diagnosis. As long as serious illness has been ruled out then we can work on reducing the pain and distress that is making your life a misery. Even the NHS has now recognised the usefulness of hypnotherapy in alleviating symptoms and promoting gut healing. As there is an emotional component, usually stress, contributing to your body's response, we work on reducing that first. Even residual trauma may be an underlying cause so we explore that too (where trauma is any stressful situation that overwhelmed your resources at the time). The 4 Week program includes personal sessions of hypnotic self-discovery plus audio tracks to reduce stress and encourage healing at cellular level. You also get a downloadable e-book showing you ways to reduce pain using self-hypnosis and effective techniques to calm the gut, as well as some dietary suggestions and best practices to enhance recovery. The personal sessions are tailored to you so expect to experience a fascinating virtual voyage of self-discovery, releasing thoughts & baggage that are getting in your way and installing new ways of dealing with symptoms. I use hypnosis, N.L.P and guided imagery to help you calm the polyvagal nerve reactivity implicated in digestive tract dysfunction. TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


When a few drinks turns into a few more, and more often, it can mean there is an underlying reason driving it. The reasons are varied, so varied, that only your own subconscious knows them and is continuing to react as if they are still relevant. As all trauma and emotional reaction is based on past experience, this is where we will find the answers and the solution.  Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to access the past and release the attached emotion driving the drinking habit. If you find yourself drinking more than usual or others have expressed concern then it's time to get in touch. There is no judgement from my side and, as always, whatever you tell me is completely confidential (*see disclaimer). Personal sessions are tailored to your needs at the time, hypnosis is a very gentle process and you will not lose control or get 'stuck'. Discovering and releasing negative thought patterns alleviates the underlying anxiety whilst positive resources are boosted, giving you the means to get back in control. I recommend at least 4 sessions over 4 weeks as a minimum. You will also receive hypnotic audios to listen to between sessions, these are designed to strengthen new neural pathways and more beneficial behaviours that will help you going forward. You will also get a downloadable PDF to celebrate your progress and record your thoughts to keep you motivated.  TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


Did you know that couples counselling has a 75% failure rate? (Gottman Institute). Just talking about the problem rarely leads to the amount of change that is needed to get a relationship back on track. Using the Gottman method, I help you to understand what the problem really is (usually not what you think) and how each of you can make effective changes based on proper research, not guesswork. Whilst the Gottman method is considered the best in the world (based on over 30 years of cutting edge research) I also use the power of hypnosis in individual sessions with each partner. Most of us react in ways that we have picked up along the way, usually in the first 7 years of life. Ideas of how relationships should or should not be, how we should or should not behave, what we  will or will not expect from our partner etc. These are based on what we have been taught or observed. Often this rigidity gets in the way of peaceful, positive interaction. It causes stress from unfulfilled expectations and demands. We cling onto these ways of thinking as if they are facts and necessary for living together. Each having their own agendas, defending their demands and feeling negative if the other doesn't readily agree. No wonder couples sometimes feel like nothing is working, they have lost touch or can't seem to agree on anything. Stress is the biggest destroyer of relationships. The most shocking thing about this is that stress is SUBJECTIVE. So how we feel about a situation or circumstance has more influence than the occurrence itself. This is what causes the damage. My approach is to help you get over yourself. This may sound harsh. But if you understand why and where expectations come from, you can realise that they are, for the most part, not authentically you. By working with you separately to release the negativity weighing you down and help you discover what is important, we then come together with a more positive approach to resolving the issues causing the problem in the first place. Even if some couples decide not to stay together, this self-discovery and healing results in a more amicable parting as well as significantly enhancing future relationships. For those who do stay together, your interaction will have changed for the better as you have the resources and knowledge to make it so. 

As far as I know my three-pronged approach is unique. I combine the practical methods of highly successful research-based psychology together with the individual self-development of hypnotherapy.  TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


Human sexual relations are complex and there is a lot that can go wrong or just not be as good as it could. You could be haunted by abuse or trauma and find it difficult to relax or even allow penetration. You may be carrying shame or guilt that stops you enjoying sex. Perhaps you can't ask for what you want because of shyness. Maybe things are flagging due to worry or stress. You may even just be bored with each other and need some help to rediscover that spark. Sessions can be individual or as a couple. I suggest at least one individual session at first so you get the chance to work on yourself. I also give you an audio track for increasing confidence so you can listen to it in your own time. Good sex is one of the most powerful experiences we can have. Don't miss out. 

TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


This can be a difficult time of physical and mental changes. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in helping with a lot of the symptoms including brain fog, hot flashes, fatigue, sleep disturbances etc. More effective than acupuncture, yoga and herbal supplements etc, we use hypnosis and also teach you self-hypnosis techniques for help during the night for sweats and flashes or other times when you may feel overwhelmed. Along with the personal sessions you receive an audio to help with symptoms at home. As a menopausal women myself I can attest to the wonderful benefits of using hypnotherapy to ease this time of transition and sometimes ongoing issues as our hormones adjust to new levels.  TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


I was surprised by the amount of people wanting help to get over the loss of a close relationship. This can be through splitting up or bereavement. So I've put together a 3 session program to release emotions that hold back moving on. There may be anger, guilt, hurt, disappointment and the fear of facing the future without them. Restoring your confidence is key to feeling whole again, there is no better way to recover. Hypnotherapy is gentle and mostly effortless on your part, all it takes is the decision to do it.

TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


There are times in our lives where we feel restless and unsettled but don't always know why or what would make life better. Hypnotherapy sessions can unlock why we feel this way and what our deep desires may be. The insights can be fascinating and lead to making positive change for the future. Humans are built to keep developing, discovering and improving, these sessions open up  possibilities that your conscious mind may be repressing. Being at peace with your past releases you to enjoy life anew, restoring that curiosity and confidence you were born with. People report feeling lighter, more positive, more satisfied and eager to embrace the future. Be ready to let yourself drift into your own inner world, getting clarity on past behaviours and how they impacted your self-awareness. Those pearls of wisdom can change your future. Being stuck just holds you back from self-actualisation and finding what makes you happy. Happiness is a state of mind, perhaps this is your time to unlock it.  TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate


I'm always up for a no-strings chat if you need help. Let's connect. My clients are important to me and I care about their outcomes, would you like to be one of them?

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