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Irritable Bowel Syndrome has a physical as well as psychological component. Stress can be a factor, contributing to symptoms and severity. Hypnosis is now recommended by the NHS to help ease the pain and distress this condition can cause.

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If your doctor has run all the tests and still has no explanation for your gastric discomfort and symptoms then I.B.S may be the diagnosis. As long as serious illness has been ruled out then we can work on reducing the pain and distress that is making your life a misery. Even the NHS has now recognised the usefulness of hypnotherapy in alleviating symptoms and promoting gut healing. As there is an emotional component, usually stress, contributing to your body's response, we work on reducing that first. Even residual trauma may be an underlying cause so we explore that too (where trauma is any stressful situation that overwhelmed your resources at the time). The 4 Week program includes personal sessions of hypnotic self-discovery plus audio tracks to reduce stress and encourage healing at cellular level. You also get a downloadable e-book showing you ways to reduce pain using self-hypnosis and effective techniques to calm the gut, as well as some dietary suggestions and best practices to enhance recovery. The personal sessions are tailored to you so expect to experience a fascinating virtual voyage of self-discovery, releasing thoughts & baggage that are getting in your way and installing new ways of dealing with symptoms. I use hypnosis, N.L.P and guided imagery to help you calm the polyvagal nerve reactivity implicated in digestive tract dysfunction.

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