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When life is stressful it can be all too easy to self-medicate with alcohol. It might not be a problem at first, a few drinks to relax after work can seem normal. But if this happens very often or more is needed to get the same effect then it's time to get some help. Because the damage to organs and brain cells is insidious it is difficult to know how much damage is taking place until it becomes profound and in the case of brain cells, irreversible. Hypnotherapy reduces stress but can also uncover and help past traumas that may be the underlying cause.

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When a few drinks turns into a few more, and more often, it can mean there is an underlying reason driving it. The reasons are varied, so varied, that only your own subconscious knows them and is continuing to react as if they are still relevant. As all trauma and emotional reaction is based on past experience, this is where we will find the answers and the solution.  Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to access the past and release the attached emotion driving the drinking habit. If you find yourself drinking more than usual or others have expressed concern then it's time to get in touch. There is no judgement from my side and, as always, whatever you tell me is completely confidential (*see disclaimer). Personal sessions are tailored to your needs at the time, hypnosis is a very gentle process and you will not lose control or get 'stuck'. Discovering and releasing negative thought patterns alleviates the underlying anxiety whilst positive resources are boosted, giving you the means to get back in control. I recommend at least 4 sessions over 4 weeks as a minimum. You will also receive hypnotic audios to listen to between sessions, these are designed to strengthen new neural pathways and more beneficial behaviours that will help you going forward. You will also get a downloadable PDF to celebrate your progress and record your thoughts to keep you motivated. 


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