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A time of biggest change but also of vulnerability. Teenagers today need more support than ever to navigate these choppy waters and emerge as confident and capable as they can be. Hypnotherapy goes beyond just talking about feelings, it can help in all sorts of ways unique to each individual.

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A time of transition, the brain is changing in size and structure as well as the body.


The more basic brain structures have grown - the so-called grey matter, but the higher order thinking structures - the white matter - is still developing. So there is an imbalance between these different parts. Sometimes the thinking is mature and sometimes more childlike. There are also fluctuating hormone levels that affect mood and behaviour. It takes time for all this flux to settle, hence the teenage years being experienced as a difficult period by some.


Self-esteem can be negatively affected as physical changes occur, being overly self-critical is common.

Hyper-sensitivty to others opinions and behaviours can alter how we see ourselves.

Teasing is common as teens push the boundaries of politeness.

Sexual awareness increases and brings new feelings to be dealt with, not easy when the part of the brain that controls impulses isn't totally functional yet.

How do I help teenagers?

Well, we are all born with certain abilities and aptitudes. These may not be readily apparent during these times of change.

By accessing them subconsciously we can encourage them.

We can also release negative or unhelpful thinking patterns.

I do not believe any teenager really wants to be difficult, trying or rude.

I don't believe they want to hurt themselves with risky behaviours either.

They are simply overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity and demands placed on them. 

They are becoming someone who looks and feels different to normal in a rapid timescale that they cannot control.

Scary stuff. This is also happening to their peers. Fear tends to bring the worst out in people as they feel threatened, especially when their very identity is in flux.

So no wonder this is the age when anxiety disorders, phobias, unhelpful habits and unresolved anger rear their heads.

Self-esteem can take a dive because physical appearance is overly scrutinised. 

The world suddenly becomes more judgemental whilst sensitivity to comments increases.

Sexual awakenings can be embarrassing and awkward, unwanted attention may even bring fear.

Teenagers are part child, part adult. They may be sensible and responsible but also the opposite at times.

They may think they know it all but of course they don't. They may yell and be more aggressive or intolerant. At the same time keeping thoughts and feelings about themselves repressed. This repression can be damaging if negative thoughts get internalised.

It is very important stage to navigate.

Because the work is done with the subconscious it is not necessary to try and describe or understand the problem, something teenagers have difficulty verbalising anyway. This is not counselling. Whilst it is helpful for me to know what the struggle/s is/are, I do not need to be told all the intimate details. This reduces anxiety from the start and makes things easier.

Getting this kind of help at such a crucial time can have a big impact. Not getting the right help can lead to years of misery.

Modern life is not particularly supportive of basic human connection and inclusion.

This leaves teenagers at the mercy of fads and faulty information at the same time that parents feel more unsure of how to interact with them in effective ways. Too much advice and information just leads to confusion and lack of effective action. 

If your teen is having a tough time PLEASE take it seriously and get them some help. 

Hypnotherapy cannot do any harm, it allows a person to access their own thought processes and make desired changes.

Whether you are the parent of a teenager who needs some help, or you are one, then fill in your details below and let's start with a no strings attached chat. You have nothing to lose.


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