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You absolutely know it is doing you no good but somehow you just can't give up. Those poisonous little cancer sticks have a had a hold over you for years and now you are determined to get free. Easier said than done and a little help is needed. 

If you are serious about quitting then I can help you because your thoughts need adjusting in a specific way. You just have to allow it.

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Understanding why you smoke is the key to stopping. It has very little to do with willpower,. In fact, if you are still smoking even though concerned others want you to stop and you know it is damaging the only body you have got, you actually have a lot of willpower to keep on doing it. Most people start smoking during their teens. It made them feel rebellious, grown-up, cool, part of the crowd. The teenage years are also characterised by immature cortexes in the brain, the part that calculates risk. So the perceived benefits outweighed the risks at the time. This is not true of mature cortical thinking. That is why very few people start smoking as adults and find it easier to stop if they do.

How do I help you to stop? First of all, you must have the desire to stop. Hypnosis does not make you do things you don't want to do so I can't force you against your wishes. I have a way of checking during the initial free call. If it is fine to proceed then during hypnosis your subconscious mind will reveal the underlying outdated thought pattern keeping the habit active. Nicotine is a lot less addictive than many people assume and the body can start healing within hours or days of stopping. Suggestions are made to the subconscious to change the dangerous habit to a less dangerous one. As the subconscious wants to do its job of keeping you safe, it should make the positive changes.

You are given some positive alternative suggestions and actions to use during times of cravings if they occur, this gets you through the period where nicotine levels are falling. This shouldn't take longer than about two weeks but depends on how heavily you have been smoking. 

Vaping works the same way.              


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