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Sometimes our relationship with food is complex. Often rooted in childhood. If this is the reason for over eating or cravings then hypnotherapy can help.

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Keeping to a healthy weight is not always easy. With the amount of high calorie food readily available it can become a tiring battle. Once you are over 4 kgs / 9 pounds above your ideal weight a self-defeating mindset can kick in. If you have tried many types of diet or are just fatigued and stuck in the 'I haven't made the right choices, I feel bad so I'll eat something to feel better' cycle then there is an emotional component that needs exploring. Hypnotherapy is proven to help. It has little to do with willpower. By unlocking the subconscious patterns driving the eating habits and resolving them, a more beneficial relationship with yourself, your size and your future develops. There is no diet to stick to so you can't fail. The 6 Week plan explores the past (why), changes the now (what), and affects the future (how). The 6 Week program is unlike any other meal/diet plan out there. It includes deep hypnotic sessions of self discovery where you find out what makes you tick, Audio tracks are provided to bolster confidence and install new behaviour patterns between personal sessions. Got a sweet tooth? cravings are crushed with effective techniques.You get a downloadable e-book full of suggestions, hints and tips to keep you on track going forward. There is also an option to undergo a realistic virtual gastric band operation under hypnosis. This approach has been featured in newspapers and reports as more and more people (including celebrities) are experiencing the benefits of this radical approach.


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