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How to help depression naturally

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Depression is often related to a lack of control over life circumstances. Feeling hopeless, powerless, demotivated and lethargic. Some depressive states are linked to chemical imbalances. Treatment typically involves 'talking' therapy and medication.

But research is showing that there is a strong connection between the gut (digestive tract) and the brain.

What if what we are ingesting is leading to this increased incidence of depression? Ever heard of Leaky Gut? This is where the contents of the intestine leak out in minute amounts, resulting in chemical imbalances.

The microvilli (little 'fingers' that line the intestine and increase its surface area to absorb more nutrients) get damaged or coated with slime. They become less efficient. The whole brain and body gets effected.

Sound unlikely? Not when you realise what goes into what we ingest. Apart from the additives. preservatives, colourants, flavourings did you know that wheat and rapeseed are doused in Monsanto's Round-Up before harvesting?

Why would food crops be covered in toxic weedkiller? Surely that's madness. Well, it happens. Crops in the USA and UK are squirted with deadly poison to dry out the plants. This allows them to be harvested sooner and reduces moisture related spoilage.

How much bread, pasta, cake, biscuits and flour based products do you eat in a day? I'm guessing at least once daily. Even cold-pressed, virgin rapeseed oil is contaminated if it isn't organically grown.

Another fact about wheat, it has been bred over the years to contain more gluten than found naturally. This makes it harder to digest, resulting in flatulence, indigestion, and worst of all, coats the microvilli with slime, reducing nutrient uptake.

Ways to help: eat less wheat (organically grown spelt flour contains gluten but is much healthier). Use organic produce. Make smoothies daily - use frozen fruit and vegetables if more convenient. Eat homemade bone/chicken broth at least twice a week. Get out in the fresh air for at least 20 minutes a day and do some moderate exercise. Drastically reduce sugar intake. Forsake fizzy and artificially flavoured drinks.

Do this for at least 6 weeks. As toxins in your body reduce and nutrients increase you will feel different.

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety issues, reduce unhealthy cravings and put you back in touch with who you are meant to be.

If you require any help with depression please feel free to call us me at 01423 206218 TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate | Leeds | Surrounding areas

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