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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

I get asked this question a lot. There seems to be a lot of myth and mystery surrounding hypnosis.

First of all, let me tell you what it isn't!

You can't 'get lost' in hypnosis. You are simply using your imagination as guided by the hypnotist.

You can't 'get stuck' in hypnosis. You are aware of things happening around you, you just aren't paying full attention to them. Unless you want to, then you will come back to full consciousness.

You can't be forced to do things under hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do. For example, if you went to a hypnosis stage show and were asked to say a word you found really distasteful, you probably wouldn't say it if it felt uncomfortable.

When you see subjects giggling, falling about as if drunk and clucking like a chicken, they are simply going along with the hypnotists suggestions at the time because they feel ok to do so. They have been 'given permission' to be silly and let down their hair for a bit of fun.

When you see movies where actors feel compelled to do things under the influence of an evil hypnotist, this is simply not true in real life. The FBI and CIA have studied this for many years and conclude that people can't be made to comply with suggestions simply by hypnosis. (In reality, the best way to get people to do things is by manipulation and deception. This takes quite some time to take effect. You do not have to be a hypnotist to do that. Anybody can with the right techniques. Hypnotherapists are not taught these as a matter of course, it is considered unethical).

"I can't be hypnotised"

Something else I hear a lot. Almost like a challenge. You won't be hypnotised against your will because hypnosis needs a few factors to take place. If you make your mind up to refuse, then you won't be hypnotised.

The only people who cannot be hypnotised have physical or mental differences precluding this.

What it is!

The hypnotic state can be seen on brainwave recorders, sometimes referred to as the Theta state. Around 4 - 8 Hertz. But the brain is a very complex organ and this state is not always necessary for hypnosis to take place. Hypnosis is similar to daydreaming. You know you aren't asleep but you are using your imagination to create scenarios that are holding your attention.

We all experience this hypnotic state naturally twice a day. When drifting off to sleep and again on waking. That 'twilight' zone between sleeping and waking.

As the conscious (thinking with alert awareness) part of our mind relaxes, the deeper subconscious parts are accessed easier. Suggestions in that state can bring about profound changes in the way experiences are perceived.

For example, pain management. The feeling of pain is merely an interpretation of the brain to certain stimuli. Like pressure, heat, cold, roughness etc. Sometimes these responses become like a stuck record and chronic pain results. Hypnosis can be used to alter the way the brain is responding. People can use the power of their mind to reduce or stop the feeling of pain.

There have been documented cases of surgeons performing amputations and brain surgery without anesthetic by hypnotising the patient first.

In the same way, painful memories and traumas can be 'neutralised' by the use of hypnosis. The subject feels a sense of release and relief as those thought patterns are changed. This can continue long after a session of hypnosis. Suddenly you realise that a memory is no longer as painful, an unwanted habit has simply disappeared, a fear or phobia is no longer as strong etc. Your own mind makes these changes, often without your consious awareness.

But even after many years of trying to study and explain exactly how hypnosis works, there is still no definitive answer. Probably because the brain is so complex and hypnosis defies all efforts to accurately measure it. I believe that technology will eventually catch up and be sensitive enough to answer these questions.

So, in a nutshell, hypnosis can feel like you are very relaxed and expectant. Your focus and awareness changes.

But incredible changes can happen in the way you feel about things without even feeling relaxed. We are all different.

The mystery around hypnosis is still prevalent. Nobody really knows how it works. Yet!

(Some people worry that hypnotherapists or hypnotists can implant unwanted suggestions in peoples minds that compel them to act in certain ways. Peoples brains simply don't work like that. In reality, the best way to get people to do your will is by manipulation and deception. This takes quite some time to take effect. Anybody can do that.)

If you are fascinated by the subject of hypnosis or would like to experience it for yourself then get in touch. I believe hypnosis has the power to change peoples lives, I've seen and experienced it so many times. That is why I am passionate about getting the word out there. Message me or book a free chat.

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