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What is confidence - TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

When babies are born they have no idea what confidence is. They have needs, those have to be met, all they think about is satisfying those urges. Totally necessary for survival. They get attention in the best way they can. Crying. Screaming. Restlessness. Whatever it takes.

After a few months the baby starts to move around. It has an urge to explore. Crawling and then walking. Touching, tasting, grabbing, following, dropping, throwing. The brain is developing quickly, it thirsts for knowledge. Anything new is interesting. The toddler is full of confidence until it gets taught otherwise. If something is hot, don't touch. If someone shouts, be wary. If someone smacks, be afraid.

So we are all brimming with confidence at this early age.

We are also fast learners and copying is one of the quickest ways to do that. If we mimic those around us who have anxieties, worries, insecurities then we are likely to exhibit those behaviours. So if you lack confidence, look to your past for answers.

Finding those answers is only part of the puzzle. Even if we know the why, it doesn't change the behaviour. What can be done?

The self-help industry is worth a fortune. So many people recognising they need more confidence and looking there for help. There are exercises, suggestions, programs, retreats, talks, a lot of things to try. And some do work if they are practiced enough. But when I speak to people who are public speakers, entertainers and industry leaders, some of them admit that the confidence they ooze doesn't come naturally.

But I think it does come naturally, it just doesn't feel like it. We all have wants and needs and in an ideal world we would get them without any fuss. We don't feel shy on our own, in fact, we think a lot about being confident. It is just when we interact with the world that we feel shy and awkward. That is a learned response squashing our natural response.

If working on yourself and acting confident doesn't make you feel it, what else can be done? Work involving your subconscious. The natural curiosity and urge to explore is still there. Hypnosis helps not only to uncover it but also release those learned thought patterns holding you back. Because all lack of self-confidence is, is learned.

Once those patterns holding you back are released through hypnotherapy, you act like you have supreme confidence. And soon this becomes the dominant thought pattern. The more you get away with being confident, speaking up, asking for what you want, talking with anybody and everybody, operating out of your comfort zone, the more capable and calm you realise you are. A positive feedback loop. Perception plays a large part in our behaviour. Find a confident role-model and start copying them. The only person holding us back is ourself.

Disclaimer: these are my own opinions based on currently available information. I am not a doctor so any personal health issues should be discussed with your GP or health specialist. I am always happy to help and give me advice freel free to conact me at TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

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