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The final part of 'Is Prince Harry a barefaced liar?'

QUICK RECAP: we've seen how Prince Harry has been influenced by what he has experienced over the years, helping to indicate why he was able to be manipulated in the last few years culminating in his book SPARE.

Now we get to the the stage where he has been persuaded that leaving the life and security he has known all his life is vital for the mental health of himself and his wife. This is probably exciting for him as it is something new and for the first time he can do what he wants with outside support.

However, his existing support system is reduced because he no longer qualifies. Because of his attitude of entitlement and suggestion of others, this serves further to enrage him. He is only getting some of what he feels he is entitled to. And this helps to make him feel that he is justified in getting back at others for long-term resentment as well as more recent events. This points to an immaturely developed sense of self.

I don't know what therapy he has had. Some therapies encourage standing up for yourself and doing what makes you happy. Including distancing yourself from who you perceive as 'toxic'. If that gets interpreted as 'anyone that won't do as you want' then it may explain moving to another continent. The downside is, if the psyche is still immature then sensible, rational thinking might not prevail.

*On a side note, as a hypnotherapist I would have used inner-child work to help reconcile early experiences and strongly held negative emotions. And a C.M.T (Complete Mind Therapy) technique to let go past hurts, guilt, shame, blame etc. before rebuilding self-confidence.

At the time there were probably many reasons for Harry to publicise his and his wife's gripes and negative experiences. Wanting revenge, attention, justification and of course, a lot of money. What better way than to go on TV. If you have seen the interviews, they are built around what revelations will attract the most attention. I suspect there are many who are set to make themselves a lot of money that egged him on to spill the beans on what is usually a private world. They have no interest in protecting Harry, rather, they are exploiting his immature candour, vanity and lack of forethought.

His recollections of the past are skewed by hurt, one-sidedness, suggestion by others, and his memory has to be affected by the drugs and alcohol consumed. When his wife is not entirely truthful he backs her up, she in turn influences him, together they also have an agenda against not only the media but his family as well. Interesting to note that the wife has already distanced herself from her family and friends of the past. Unless there really is an issue with most of the people you have shared your life with, and I doubt this is the case here, this is often the behaviour of a narcissist or narcissistic thinking.

Because Harry is at last getting the attention he thinks he deserves and cannot see that he is being manipulated for the gain of others and without the voice of reason that would have come from his family and palace, he has has indulged his memory somewhat. This is not unusual, we all see the world through our own experience. But he has unleashed this on the world stage, Where it can be fact-checked.

He is oversharing because of a want to be heard. He is telling other peoples secrets because he feels justified in causing them discomfort. He is sensationalising so that series, interviews and books will attract more money. He knows the Royal family will not sue or divulge their side of the story because that would further violate their privacy. He really is behaving just like the over-indulged child he doesn't realise he is.

So, are the lies all on purpose? In my opinion Harry doesn't have the emotional intelligence to perpetuate intricate lies. He is not thinking straight whilst indulging that need to tell of his experience. He hasn't realised the extent of the untruths because they are probably built around some ideas and experiences he has had. They are told to invoke sympathy and attention. Rather like the child who is in trouble and blurts out anything to cast blame on others in the headmasters office. Reactive thinking, not rational thinking. He has alienated anyone who would usually correct him. He is also trying to keep his wife happy. If she is 'bigging' up and twisting what he tells her, he will go along with it because he has been convinced it is ok to do so.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for him because of his past. He has chosen a path most intelligent people wouldn't start down because of the huge repercussions. But, from a moral point of view he has betrayed many others for his own gain. He has possibly put others and his family in real physical danger. He has not learned from this as he is threatening to bring out another book, his wife too. Extremely self-centred thinking is a by-product of trauma. He is not a whole person. Harry still desperately needs help.

Until he gets this or divorces his wife, he will continue to be manipulated and exploited until his value runs out. *Personally I do not advocate divorce if there is no abuse going on, there are children that need both parents. But once Harrys value and fortune reduces, history is likely to repeat itself.

Disclaimer: these are my own opinions based on currently available information already in the public domain. I am not a doctor so any personal health issues should be discussed with your GP or health specialist.

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