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Where does the deceitfulness originate?

Prince Harry has witnessed his family, his mother in particular and himself as the target of untruthful media reporting.

In his mind, deceit is part of the game to stay one step ahead. If you can't beat them, join them.

Disguise yourself to sneak out to parties. Circulate rumours to put them off the scent. Meet up in secret or travel separately. Involve others to help with privacy. Use aliases and code words. Deceiving your enemy is a vital army tactic.

It becomes an acceptable, sometimes even necessary, way to behave.

Add in a damaged psyche, a desire for revenge and you have a dangerous weapon.

At some point, a very clever, cunning, person enters his life. A steely, self-serving core is hidden beneath a very attractive exterior. This person has a history of using and discarding people in their quest for more. Already experienced in acting, plenty of research done, the seduction is swift and complete. Styled on the person he has lost, he imagines he has found all he has been looking for. Love, acceptance, care, recognition, importance, respect, companionship and support. The love chemicals are released in his body and he can see no wrong.

So when others are not as enamoured or actually dislike this person, they are considered enemies. The voice of reason is no longer operating. Lulled by the oxytocin and hijacked by the drugs.

On a side note, we all have the prerogative to form our own opinion about somebody else. Rational thinking usually takes more than just our gut feeling into account. We observe how others react, looking for clues as to how they feel about this person. We listen to others views and usually factor them into our own. The more information we get, the stronger the opinion we form, based on internal and external input. But this is open to change if we receive enough information to the contrary.

Anxiety-based reactive thinking on the other hand is less malleable. We form an opinion and defend it strongly. The more somebody disagrees, the more entrenched it becomes. The opinion is based on internal input. Any evidence to the contrary is usually disregarded or considered biased. There has to be a lot more information presented to change these types of opinion, if they change at all.

Prince Harry is now thinking reactively.

(this is not a judgement of whether he is right or wrong here, both types are valid in certain scenarios)

Any negativity towards the new love object is rejected as jealousy, spite, misunderstanding, or any of a myriad unjustified reasons. This reaction is very telling.

Whilst most of us would jump to the defence of our nearest and dearest if they were the subject of malicious lies, we get more outraged and defensive if we suspect there is a level of truth. The strong outrage is part of us trying to convince ourselves too.

A good example of this is parents being told their child has done something unpleasant at school.

The parents of usually well-behaved children may be shocked and upset but they generally want to get to the bottom of things. They want the truth. After the initial reaction they tend to calm down somewhat and ask curiosity-based questions.

The parents of not-so-well-behaved children behave in an angry, attacking manner. They are hurt as well as angry because this allegation is further confirming what they already know deep down. They don't want to hear the truth. They use deflection and threats. They may lie to maintain face.

Prince Harry is already primed against the media. Due to negative bias he is noticing the bad more than the good and interpreting them as threats. Despite being told by his father, and no doubt other members of the Royal family and staff, to disregard them, he seems to allow himself to be triggered by reading them, even more so when they are about his new 'perfect' family.

He decides with his significant other that they have to leave for a supposedly more peaceful life elsewhere. But this is not a smooth path.

I do not think that Harry is a narcissist. I do feel he is vulnerable to exploitation, especially outside the guidance and protection he grew up with, even if he doesn't place much value on it at present.


Disclaimer: these are my own opinions based on currently available information already in the public domain. I am not a doctor so any personal health issues should be discussed with your GP or health specialist.

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