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TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate can help you with all anxiety issues

Anxiety is a completely natural reaction to the perception of danger. It keeps us safe. Our brain is very good at learning what may harm us. It is also good at imagining and creating ideas about the future. Anxiety is not a problem when it elicits a fight or flight response to a possible harmful situation. For example, you want to cross a road. Firstly you look in both directions and decide that the vehicles are far enough away for you to walk across. Then you spot a vehicle coming closer at a faster speed than you would expect. Your brain makes a split second decision that you are in danger and triggers the response. You move a lot quicker and get safely to the other side of the road. Your heart is pumping, you may feel shaky, your senses are heightened, your mouth is dry and you are breathing heavily, hands are sweaty, you may notice underarm sweat smells stronger than usual. The adrenaline has done its job. You are safe. If the situation was more serious i.e. the vehicle was really close or you felt it was purposely coming for you then you may also feel really scared, nauseous, like you need the toilet, parts of your body may feel numb, hotter or colder than usual.

When the danger has passed or evasive action has been taken, the brain will perceive that and the state of arousal reduces. The state of alertness is controlled with levels of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol.

Anxiety only becomes a problem when it happens too often or severely and starts affecting normal life.

This can become a habit due to underlying behaviour responses and patterns repeating the reaction.

Long term this can turn into GAD (generalised anxiety disorder).

So what can you do about it?

Realise that this reaction is just a learned behaviour* and you can do something about it.

Brain studies have shown that the sensations and neural activity are very similar between anxiety and excitement, but you can't feel both at the same time. Whenever you start to feel the anxiety response happening think about something really exciting. The more physical, active and realistic you can make those thoughts, the more effective it will be. This changes the perception from fear to fun. Even if it is something you wouldn't do in reality, it works! like bobsledding, mountain skiing, rafting, paragliding, rollercoasters, car racing - you get the picture.

Practice flipping thoughts to fun and excitement when you aren't anxious so it becomes a remembered response.

You can do this!

*in rare cases anxiety can be caused by brain structures or medications / substances

if you have any questions regarding anxiety contact us at TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate, 01423 206218


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