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Fibromyalgia - incredible connection to Hypnotherapy

TDW - Hypnotherapy Harrogate information on Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia at its basic description is a condition of (often unexplained) chronic pain that can occur throughout the body. The pain persists but there doesn't seem to be any tissue damage or degradation. The pain can be accompanied by fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive problems and low mood. Doctors refer to this when tests for other causes come back negative.

Cause is not completely known at this stage but like so many autoimmune disorders, genetics and environment play a role.

There doesn't seem to be any medical cure. Medications to help with symptoms are available. Sometimes it goes away on its own.

For a sufferer, it is a debilitating and puzzling condition. Physical malaise often leads to mental health issues. How would anyone feel if everyday was a painful struggle just to get out of bed to perform basic tasks that used to come with ease. Low mood and depression can set in, adding to the feelings of uselessness and frustration. These have a knock-on effect, leaving one in a swirling mass of negativity. Mind and body at a low ebb.

I'm not a medical professional and I've never suffered with fibromyalgia myself but being a hypnotherapist I've helped others with it. Here are some of my observations.

Fibromyalgia started after having a viral infection. This is borne out by medical research. Glandular fever is one culprit. Not enough research has been done and there doesn't seem to be a particular type of virus involved. Guardia from water and tick-bite fever have been linked to fibromyalgia, but there are many more. Covid connection is also becoming apparent.

Digestive symptoms are often present, like I.B.S. Also borne out by research. A high percentage of people with Fibromyalgia have irritable bowel syndrome too.

Symptoms can persist for months or years. It is not psychological.

How could hypnosis possibly make a difference?

By 'soothing and smoothing'. The mind body connection is convoluted and vast. Neurons are the connectors. Neurons are the building blocks of neural pathways. Neural pathways operate by electricity and chemicals. The more a pathway is used, the more it becomes the dominant pathway. If that is a pain pathway, pain more often results. These pathways can be altered as they are neuroplastic.

By accessing the subconscious level of reacting to stressors or stimuli, these reactions can be reduced. This tells the whole system there is less to be alert for. Thereby reducing contraction in muscles and around vascular tissue. Less stress reactivity reduces levels of chemicals like cortisol that are inflammatory. Calming the system. Soothing.

Actively imagining cells repairing themselves, muscles letting go, blood flow increasing, toxins/viruses/dysfunctional debris coming loose and being eliminated etc can gently increase the bodies own natural processes. Restoring those connections. Smoothing.

Interrupting the 'go to' pain pathways allows different ones to be used by changing the emotions attached to those pathways. Changing the memories changes the response.

Reducing the negativity burden of stress, anxiety and depression. Increasing the sense of being back in control.

I believe that is how hypnotherapy helps reduce pain and symptoms. Incredible connection indeed.

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