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TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate - A hypnotherapist can help a terminally ill person in a few different ways. Personally I consider it a privilege to spend precious time with someone who is ill. Sometimes I am a confidante, other times I help with relaxation, part of the time I hypnotise them to reduce pain or symptoms.

The main reason for helping is to make what is usually an unpleasant experience into a more positive one. People react in different ways and hypnotherapy can be tailored to suit individual beliefs and symptoms.

Hypnosis itself is a very calming experience so it helps to reduce the overthinking. People may be worried about all sorts, especially family and how they are going to cope without them. There may be regrets about the past, shame, guilt and self-blame to deal with. Anger is very common, usually at the unfairness of being too ill to fulfil roles they used to.

Then there is the fear of the unknown. None of us really knows what happens to our life-force energy when it leaves the body, there may be anxiety around this.

The biggest fear tends to be of the symptoms. How bad they might get before death. And also the loss of privacy and dignity. Worry that the pain may get too acute for the medications to numb, Sensing that organs and body systems are not functioning properly and will only get worse.

Loneliness is also a concern. Humans need interaction and a hypnotherapist can assist with that by talking and listening. Family interactions can be complicated so talking to a therapist may be much easier as the person can share what is on their mind without prejudice.

Hypnotherapists tend to be naturally compassionate anyway so it helps the person feel understood and that they are still worth something, thereby alleviating depressive thoughts too.

Physical symptoms can be reduced with hypnotic techniques. There are plenty of documented examples where even brain surgery has been performed without anaesthetic. These powerful techniques can be used for pain and other symptoms associated with terminal illness.

Personally I have never known anyone who hasn't benefitted from hypnosis when they have been facing the end of their lives through illness.

Many hospices now encourage hypnotherapy to help their patients. Reducing anxiety and worry allows for better quality of time left.

I believe that dying should be as peaceful and restful as possible and hypnotherapy contributes very positively to that. Contact us at TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate if you are interested in and info on our services


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