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The truth about WORK STRESS

TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate can help you with all work stress related issues

Are you experiencing sleeplessness because of work worry?

Do you feel exhausted just thinking about doing your job?

Do you get pangs of anxiety when you think about going into work?

Have you noticed yourself shaking in certain work situations?

Eating more than usual to distract yourself or feel better?

Alternatively, not feeling hungry, especially if it feels you have a lump in your throat?

Dreading particular tasks or people?

Grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, getting neck pain or tension headaches?

Then you may be affected by work stress!

Let's get one thing clear, it is normal to feel some of the above every now and then. These make you a conscientious worker and aid promotion.

But when they happen more often and start to affect your life in a negative way, it's time to take notice.

We all have a certain amount of physical and mental resilience but it's not infinite. Creeping workload, responsibility, negative experience and large changes can take their toll.

Usually by the time people come to me for help the stress is overwhelming and causing physical symptoms.

Your physical system can sustain permanent damage. Stress causes certain chemicals to be released that jolt the body into action. The chemicals are ok in small doses but in large or frequent doses they are actually toxic. Causing heart attacks, heart tissue damage, strokes, I.B.S, panic attacks, migraines, adrenal fatigue to name a few. Because sleep is usually disturbed, the time of venting and repairing is not sufficient and long-term illness can appear. Including auto-immune diseases.

So what should you do?

Acknowledge that this is unlikely to just go away on it's own.

Take stock of the whole situation. Write down what the stressors are / could be.

Divide them into ones that won't easily change (such as the commute time to work), ones that are externally controlled (e.g workload, work times, who you work with), and ones internally controlled (likes, dislikes, feelings)

If the symptoms are acute then get some time off work, no less than 2 weeks, and make sure you relax as much as possible during this time. Massages, breath work, exercise and listening to soothing music are beneficial. Your system needs rest.

An action-packed, busy family holiday is distracting but not relaxing, you will be just as stressed on your return to work.


There is no shame admitting the effect work is having on you.

The truth is, most people don't really know where to get effective help. They heed the general advice and see their GP, who usually gives them prescriptions for anti-anxiety medication, sleeping tablets and gastric acid reducers etc. Some people are helped with these but many are not. They have side effects, can be difficult to stop and they do not solve the root cause.

The other advice is to see a counsellor. Just talking is temporarily cathartic at best, not very helpful at least.

C.B.T. takes time and many do not complete the course.

The best alternative is hypnotherapy combined with changes to the external stressors.

Why? because hypnotherapy techniques will relax the muscle tension and the mind. A skilled hypnotherapist will guide you through different scenarios, letting your powerful mind make the changes. The conscious mind uses words, keeps you stuck in excuses, logical reasoning, enslavement to 'have to's' and 'don'ts'. The subconscious operates differently, uses images and feelings, bypasses the conscious and releases tension.

I find that highly stressed clients usually need around 4 sessions. Many opt for the inner-child workshop too because anxiety comes from the past. Hypnotic audios - often personalised - aid the process.

Once the tension is released, thinking is more clear. Making it easier to deal with the external stressors. Talking with HR, bosses, reducing hours or workload, making changes etc.

Sometimes a new job or even profession might be the answer, but at least you would have thought things through and explored possibilities. Not just resigned in a panic. You can contact me for help and advise at TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate

Disclaimer: This article is based on my own opinions and observations and does not replace professional help. If you experience physical symptoms - heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, symptoms of heart attack etc then please get medical help. If you are experiencing low mood and thoughts of harm to self or others then please contact the Samaritans or mental health provider.

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