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Weight Loss - does Hypnotherapy make it easier to lose weight?

Help with weight loss TDW - Hypnotherapy Harrogate

Absolutely! there is plenty of evidence confirming that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help with weight reduction. Some hypnotherapists work only with weight-loss clients and their clients regularly have good outcomes.

I'll get to the hypnotherapy process in a moment but first there are some things to know about how people get stuck weighing more than they would like, or is healthy to be.

Fundamentally it is by swallowing more calories down their throat than their body uses.

The average woman uses 2000 calories per day, men 2500, so any more than that is stored in specific body tissue areas.

Reversing that should be straightforward. But it isn't always easy to do.

Firstly, if this has been going on for some time, the actual physical body needs a lot of calories to feed it and will still want them. Cravings for more food are controlled by body chemicals and interpretation by the brain.

Secondly, there are usually psychological reasons for maintaining the extra weight.

These could be habits:

- having a certain amount on a plate

- eating a certain amount of times per day

- eating too late in the evening

- drinking certain high calorie sodas, juices, alcoholic beverages

- eating according to taste

Or they could be underlying thought patterns: from childhood or traumatic event/s

- being encouraged to 'eat all your dinner to grow up big & strong'

- being given food as a reward

- finding comfort in eating or certain foods

- associating food with people or situations

- staying large to feel less vulnerable

- staying large to feel less attractive (e.g rape victims)

- made to feel guilty as a child if all food on the plate wasn't eaten

- fearing certain foods because of childhood battles e.g fruits, vegetables

- fear of failure (what if I can't lose weight/keep it off)

- fear of success (what if I do lose weight and people treat me differently)

If you have tried different diets and they haven't worked or you've just put the weight back on then there is a high likelihood that an underlying subconscious thought pattern is the reason.

This is where hypnotherapy can help. Accessing those root causes and releasing the attached emotions allow them to change. They are old, unhelpful patterns. They may have been relevant once but aren't anymore. Processing them and letting them go under hypnosis increases the chance of success. Self-sabotage is reduced. Cravings can be overcome.

Most hypnotherapists will offer a multi-pronged approach. Working on the psychological side as well as the physical. There are helpful habits to develop. The aim is not to 'lose' weight - our brains don't like to lose things, they will go looking for them. Once the subconscious drivers are dealt with, changing food ingestion becomes easier. Making different choices about what is ingested becomes easier. Gradually, calorie intake will reduce naturally over the weeks and months. The process should be an enjoyable one, a journey of self-actualisation and personal growth. This is the most powerful way of keeping the weight off.

For more information on how hypnotherapy can help with weight loss please call me at 01423 206218 TDW Hypnotherapy Harrogate | Leeds | Surrounding areas


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